A Personal Achievement

Thursday marked the first time I had ever officially complained about something. Sure, I, like many others, get an inferior product, meal or experience and proceed to grumble our way through the short time we may have with it.

This has happened quite a few times but normally I’m simply not bothered. This time around, however, the potential repercussions of inferior production would affect Bug, so I took the praiseworthy leap of getting online and filing a complaint to this diaper company. Response was fiercely prompt, unexpectedly (for a new plaintiff) apologetic and reimbursment was promised. Within a few days,a big package arrived for me. Enclosed were two coupons, equal to amount we paid for said product (which was not cheap) and a request that we send back sample to their quality team. Due compliance and although I have yet to mail the sample, I feel I can potter happily around in the knowledge that my complaint may lead to a better quality of comfort for baby’s bums out there.

Hopefully, I’ll get over my personal lack of confidence/ motivation and complain again- although with good reason. No need to be a nag. I’m enough of that at home already 😛


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