True Blood

Wow. Have found a site dedicated to the gloriousness that is Eric, well and Sookie too. Dedicated to them as a couple really and oh boy! Here I was thinking I was loopy as hell for liking Sookie Stackhouse enough to talk about her out loud- but no! The moderator and posters, like me, think Alan Ball has completely skewed up the adaptation for TV, so I now know I am not a complete cynical cow and I might at some point lament the choice of the weak chinned Swede for the role of the hulking great sex pot that is the Viking, but for the moment I can dwell happily in my wonderful little happy sub-fantasy land of vampires and faye and fun things like that!


5 thoughts on “True Blood

  1. I think True Blood Eric is HOT. Yeah he might not exactly fit the book description, and he puts a slighly different spin on the character, but the essence is totally there. And so is the sex appeal. And I usually don’t care for blondes at all!

  2. Mmm, I drew up a potential listing for replacements though. I’ll put up with it. Although if Ball contiues to go so far off the pre-beaten and brilliantly written track, HBO may just find them selves down a viewer!

    • I don’t know if you’ve already seen season 4, but it goes way WAY off the beaten track, and not in a good way. IMO TB has failed both as a book adaptation and as a TV show on its own, and I really think I’m done with it. None of the characters or plots make sense anymore and it’s a shame because there was such potential… Oh well, I still have the books.

      • Oh and sorry, but there’s no replacement for Skarsgard. Actually the casting for the show is IMO pretty damn great. The only miscast is probably Sookie, though that may be partly due to the writing, which is particularly awful for her character.

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