School Intimidates me

It has always intimidated me. Possibly because I moved around a lot when younger and then we broke routine and settled down in those crucial adolescent years and for me, fitting in was like pulling teeth and I’ve had that done sans- pain relief.
But I’m not in school anymore, not at the ripe old age of.. ahem.. but my little Wednesday is and we got off to a pretty good start. It was all good, teacher, aide and I were getting on fine in the tiny class of 9 kiddlywinks. Then I got sick- was way out of sorts for two weeks and during this time I simply wasn’t able to leave the house so Wednesday did miss out on school. When we eventually got her in there, she came calling her teacher by the full name, rather than ‘Teacher’ and using terms like ‘I’m worried’ and ‘take care of yourself’. Now I am petrified- somewhat inexplicably- about going in there. This morning, I had a wonderful excuse in the form of Bug who is anxious as hell to go to school so as Wednesday was running in the door, Bug began acting up so I swooped her up and out with a hasty farewell through the window. I have to go back and collect her in a while.. or maybe I’ll send Overlord in instead. Still not sure why I’m quite so agitated about re-establishing parent teacher contact, but I hope I get over this hump soon. Mandatory coffee morning is coming up!


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