The Egyptian and Israelis

I read about Aliaa Elmahdy a few days ago and thought ‘Well, good for her.” She stripped off and posted a photo of her hair-bow clad self on her blog to highlight her message about freedom of speech which seems to be under serious stigma in the Muslim worlds of Egypt and similar. She was branded all kind of things along the lines of the infamous Jezebel of Bible stories and received quite a few death threats, I’d imagine. 

Then I’m reading the Daily Mail this morning and there’s an article of the 40 Israeli women who followed suit and stripped off in support of Miss Elmahdy, covering their modesty but leaving the message pretty damn visible. 

I have nothing but respect for these women. While quite a few of the older and younger generations and my own, as well, have lambasted her as an ‘attention-seeker’, a ‘slut’ and a ‘fame whore’, is what they are doing much different than burning their bras? Nothing short of full nudity shocks any one any more in these days of sexual and emotional numbness and I think their plea for the allowance of freedom of thought is an admirable one. 

I, unfortunately, don’t really feel strongly about anything except etiquette, eloquence, my children and chocolate to make such an extraordinary step in the step of emancipation of thought and wow, with that kind of strong, progressive and ultimately defining attitude, I might be adding Aliaa Elmahdy to my list of role models for my children. Along with the Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Watson, Aung San Suu Kyi and a few others, I hope Aliaa Elmahdy does continue to think free and inspire.


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