Cooking and a-baking

I’m a humungo fan of baking. I just wish the ingredients were free. It’s kind of Ina, Giada, Nigella and Guy to discreetly yee-ha the benefits of vanilla extract, but I don’t have 8 euro to spend of a bottle of vanilla smelling oily stuff, the essence does just fine.

I go through phases of baking. I love watching the shows and taking down recipes and trawling sites like FoodBuzz etc for cool alternatives to stuff I haven’t yet made but do sound super good. Last night I made Oatmeal and raisin cookies. They were NOM. So nom in fact, that I brought in 90% of them to Wednesday’s class so I wouldn’t nibble on them at home. I also made gingerbread men. I was testing out a recipe because the last two times have been dismal and I blame European measurements for that. I’m not a fan of Star Spangled Banner and its inhabitants, but they know how to keep it simple  in the recipe department. Cups and spoons, people- all the way.

Sometimes I don’t cook for a whole week, that’s normally when I’m feeling especially shite about the fact that Wednesday won’t eat proper meals at the moment. I slaved away for 45 minutes on a garlicky cheesy pasta with no spicey bits and she wouldn’t even smell it. Sigh. Bug ate it and Overlord ate it and it was a bit tasty but it’s a heck of a bummer when your kid prefers your dessert to your meals. Annabel Karmel can go and shove it, as far as I’m concerned with her salted food and squinkie sushi. My three year old eats German sausage, ham, pepperoni, plain cheddar cheese, plain brown bread, plain baguette, plain fiscelle and pb and J on crackers.

Give me a parent who is not frustrated after a year of this eating style. Yes I know she’s fed and she does eat apples and grapes and drinks lots of water etc and eats as much dairy as she wants but I am sick of non-couture food. I’m not even allowed make jambalaya for Christmas. I could just make it for myself, which now that I think about it, might be a good idea but GOD I am tired of lower middle class , fryer standard. GAAAARRRRRR


15 minutes later, I am calm. Children both fed, thank you Pepperoni pizza and now I can relax and plan my Christmas Confections!


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