Blustery Bloomin’ Day

Everyone, it seems, is busy today. Yes, I have housework to do, but that is not really optional so I don’t like to think about it.

Confectioner is Confectionising all day. I just mailed her a recipe for proper Turkish Delight from my giant book of Perfect Christmas, Shrek Style. I cannot wait for her Nommy-Wear party next week.

Financier is re-financing, shopping away for all and sundry and not really open to suggestions.

Overlord just rented that bloody new Elder Scrolls game. Goodbye TV for the next 6 days.

Children are snoozing, unfortunately, given it is so late in the day.

I… am networking socially, flicking through aforementioned cookbook and trying to figure out what dinner will be. Maybe LubScouse, Nigella style, although I don’t have Bay leaves. Maybe just pancakes.

I have some cream soda and I ate my Twirl and I am amused by the conversations that go on among friends on this Networking site. (no endorsements here, ha ha!) 

The Socialite is stuck atop a mountain with no food and no transport and while I do feel sympathy, as that is a bit awful, I can relax in the fact that she is at home with a big fire in her stove! Much love sweetheart 😛

The weather is a bit crazy although I have still not even a sniffle of promised snow. Cheesebrained Forecasters. Snow is important to me at this time of year and if you predict and predict and then nothing happens, you should be fired because evidently you are not doing your job right!

Overlord’s family are having several conniptions and a kitten over there. Trunchbull is attempting to mediate between and overly festive Tim (the Toolman) Taylor and the younger son who shall go by the name of Big Yellow. Brownie, the sister, is cloistered, avoiding the fighting. 

I’m not a fan of argumentative households but by gum I wish my house had had a few arguments so I’d have been able to grow some backbone in my youth.

And now, to dissolve myself in the rest of my book and later watch the new Audrey Tatou release. Oh to be French, and live in a city-like area and have lots of mula. Ho hum.


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