New Year; some upturns, downturns and awesome turn outs

I haven’t been on this since November; either my life is simply that un-intriguing or I actually have a life outside of my computer. Hah Ha aha. Not a chance 😛

We are happily expecting a third. I am vindicated, given this so-called blog is about Mommahood, with which I am very busy. I have discovered A&W root beer in this puddle country, I am ecstatic. Unfortunately, hubby now has to do root beer runs every few days. I got paid! Meaning a small library expansion for my little darlings, a knick knack or 2 for the home and some quick cook foods for hubby that wouldn’t normally make it on to our grocery list. Every one is now happy! Including the rabbit.

Elder has decided that she is a cool kid and that Daddy is officially uncool, as she poses- hand on hip- while talking to her xbox playing father. “Can you pick up your toys, babe?” “No, Dad, holy cow, you have to do that.” I kid you NOT. Where has my silent but deadly genius gone? She has, seemingly, traded herself in for a new hip-happening knarley dude lady who even says to me, ” No I’m not ready for bed right now, Momma. Maybe later.”


Still, she has a voice, a personality and the glorious benefit of having things answered and explained honestly to her. As a result, pairing that with the mind-bending bed time story routine, she has a vocabulary bigger than most undergraduates and is determined to be a Doctor Princess. Beat that. Nyah.

Littler is still tearing around like the bulldozer she is. As eloquent as her sister, both vocally and physically, she is, nevertheless, the one who will end up in fights, whether defending an ant march or that bespectacled wimpy kid down the road. I’m proud. She aims to be a Fairy. Both have also picked up the habit, thank you Cinderella and Briar Rose, of picking up their skirts when climbing stairs or running short distances so they don’t trip. I’m not a Duggar, they’re not wearing ankle length maxi-skirts! These are tutus and puffball knee length, at most, dresses. Still. I shall not complain. They are well behaved- usually/ far more so than other little brats, even if we haven’t mastered the Swedish and French epitome of well behaved offspring. They are precociously innocent when pointing out oddities in pedestrians and fellow playground users as well as weight issues with older people (embarrassingly enough).

So sprog #3 is due in September and given my sketchy medical history, will be on the first or 2nd  day of back to school! JOY!! This is sarcasm!!! It couldn’t actually come at a worse time. Grr x-fighters… A few other people I know are (finally) hatching them out around the same time so I can finally impart my wisdom (snigger) and offer moral support (seriously) to the new mommies and daddies abound.

Both kidlets are in school this year which is why this is a slight nightmare, yet grandmére will be on hand for deliveries and godmothers should be available for moments of stress. Littler is ridiculously excited, while Elder is happy that she gets a uniform. I’ll be happy once the other school approves their admission and it’ll be all good!!!!

Now to finish my root beer (NOM), probably have a popsicle, some sour cream and chive chips and dip and watch the new Tom Cruise as super spy venture, thank you Hubby.

Over and Out.


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