Technology, Toys and my personal problem with both.

A few days ago, family and I braved the public transport system and choo-choo’ed our way into the City (ooh!) Anyhoo, we had a good day; Pizza Hut, Modelling store for Daddy, I’m sure there was somewhere for me and then we went to the toy store, partly because younger was snoozing in the stroller and because we try to let the kids stretch their toy opinions in the run up to birthdays etc. So we had fun moseying along the aisles until Elder asks “What is that?” Said toy turned out to be a Pet Shop variety toy thing that girls up to around 10 are nuts for. So I said “It’s like a miniature dog you bring home and see you can buy a huge house for all other ones too.” “What does it do?” Came the response. “It has a wobbly head.” I offered.

Then came my personal revelation that my child is not as simply laced as I had assumed her to be. That school and modernity has already infiltrated her wonderfully astute little mind and at the age of 3 and 3/4s, she turned around with an adolescent sigh and a raised eyebrow, “Ugh, so it doesn’t DO anything.” SAY WHAT NOW? Repeating it over in my mind and she sounds at least 12 or 13 or something wildly optimistically fantastical like that, not approaching 4 and in school for 15 hours a week. Must everything light up or vibrate or speak or make some kind of motherboard based noise or action?? Does that constitute cool? We still have our Little People at home!! Our Barbie kitchen doesn’t light up and the oven doesn’t hum!! But no, Miss Cool has the requisite need for stuff to do stuff in order to be entertaining. They may watch a little too much TV, yes, but they can’t even work the remote; save for the off switch and do happily turn it off when they’ve had enough. We don’t have any kiddie consoles or even a DS in the house. Daddy only just relented previously and bought a painfully tiresome Diego computer game for them, but that wasn’t even found to be very interesting and both wandered off during the demo. Where is the humanity!! How are we supposed to keep up when word gets around that most of the other kids do have DSs at home (we personally don’t agree with tech for that age group) and then when the iPhone and laptop pleas begin, what then, I ask you!! What then!!!!

Even Hubby was flabbergasted, both of us left gaping like the proverbial codfish while my petite diva saunters off to the vibrating robot section (Fidgees? or Widgets or something??) and finally to the kiddie lap tops. We were actually at a loss for the next while in the store. I went to look at art supplies and the TAG reading system, which I am beginning to be impressed with, while Daddy took Teenager #1 upstairs to the Star Wars, army toys and bike sections.

I may not be in there with the groovy hipsters and knarley dudes but she was still happy with the chunky pencil crayons and craft scissors I bought. “I can cut stuff up”, baring little white teeth and doing the snip motion with her fingers. Sigh.

I should have seen it coming. The signs, however subtle (for me) are there. Her birthday (both birthdays) are in July and in January she had decided on a bike or a scooter “because all her friends have one” (snarky tone). We sat her down and compromised with roller skates, because no else has those!!! Pulling out the catalogue, we found the wheelie section and she promptly pointed to blades. “Not these ones, no?” Says silly old fashioned mummy with her quaint junior Little Tykes first skates notions. “No, Mummy, those are for babies. I like these because they have pink wheels.” Sigh. At least she chose modestly. Tri-skates that convert  to blades. Now Younger wants skates, and will happily make do with the Little Tykes ones.

What I want to know is, How the hell did I miss out on her growth from teddy trailing ‘big girl’ to sneering (not fully but almost) tween??? Was I like this? Is it always this intimidating? And Gina Ford can F off with any advice she may dangle. YOU’RE NOT A PARENT, traitor.

As much as I long to cry out for my little girl to come back, with watery blue eyes and a slightly too sensitive demeanour, I have to be happy she is growing into her own, undoubtedly opinionated persona and I’m happy that she is determined to have a voice. I hope it lasts and I hope she punches and pushes back, does the time come.

For the moment, I have one bona fide little girl who had one heck of a tantrum this evening and absolutely adores being with mommy and one nearly Tween with Princess Doctor aspirations and a combined love of Barbie and Ben 10. Always adored, tempered, cautioned and cuddled, no matter what nuttiness adolescence will throw at them. We even have the Omnitrix to prove it 😛



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