Staying sane while expanding forward

I am 17 weeks +2 in hospital lingo. And after a moment of panic a few days ago over whether or not there was actually a bun in the oven and I wasn’t simply having major glandular problems, I am now reconciled happily that bun is present and sadly reconciled that I am returning to state of mommy jeans requirement and I will spend the next 18 months in trainers. I am not Ms. Beckham, Ms. Snooki, Ms. Alba or any other celebrity missus’. I am human, I am sane, I do not want pelvic arthritis at 50, I am sticking to trainers and flats.

I am also back to eating an awful amount of chocolate, I don’t even necessarily want it. But we have 2 bags full and a biscuit tin stemming from Easter Sunday (this biscuit tin was our loot) and it’s hard to go for crackers and houmous when there are beautifully foil wrapped ovals of sugar, cocoa and antioxidants within close reach. Sigh.

This bun does prefer savouries and natural sugars, actually. And chips and dip unfortunately, but I don’t cave to that wind too often. I do want to watch how much I put on but at the same time I have to take supplements because I am all-sorts intolerant. I also need more sunlight. Queen of the Pale here and I don’t just mean the Dublin vicinity. I am mondo pale, although I tan nicely, mostly I can’t be bothered with the lotions and potions and would rather sit with a factor 10 or 20 and get my nice tank top tan lines and brown shoulders. That said- UV bad!!!!

Where is the safety net? And can one have a perfect pregnancy? This one has actually gone pretty damn smoothly, given my shambolic medical history, apart from 2 episodes of blood barfing (graphic, sorry) but it turned out it was only my throat, nothing further south. And thus far, I have not been admitted to hospital for anything other than mandatory assessments and examinations. Score! Major score really. With first bun I was in hospital for a full 5 months, spread out over the full time. Including one full month stretch. 2nd bun, I was in for about 3 months, including a full month stretch again and I am dreading the probability that I will be again for the full month on this bun. Not so much for my sanity, although the hospital is hideously boring but for my wee monsters. 😦 They wont have a momma for a full month and while, yes, we are in an age of cell phones and stuff, I do not possess a lap top, will not pay the extortionate hospital wifi fees regardless and we don’t have a car to cover the 9 kilometre journey in at the drop of a hat. We will be reduced to phone calls and once a week visits and that’s hard to overcome. Yes I did it while pregnant with 2nd bun and Elder was approaching the year mark but it was still really really hard to do and I did end up just signing myself out against doctors orders because I missed her so much and because she came in horrible sweaty and smelling like the in laws’ house every time.

I really really hope Hubby will push himself to be a worthwhile single parent for the month if I am in. His parents are a 5 minute walk away and while that is good to fall back on, I’d rather he just played the part of attentive daddy that he should be while I am AWOL and not put on the TV and make chips for dinner every night and not bother showering them for a full week, until they come in to see me. Hoping against hope. I might go and write out a timetable in preparation… yes, actually, I will.

The time is shooting by. I generally have to go in for the month at 29 weeks, which is only 11 weeks away and then the birth is 9 weeks after that. Can you say bulldozer? Because that is what it feels like.

I have decided, however, that when I go in, I will spend the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 4 weeks boning up on my languages again. I used to be nigh on fluent in German, and now I’ve let it go simply from lack of practise, my French needs revising to get me up to conversational fluency again and then I might take a stab at Spanish too. I would dearly love a trio of languages in this house, if not the full 5 (including English and Irish) but Hubby does not possess the cultural acumen or the commitment to such a task. Which leaves me, a barely grad with proficiency in Classical and ancient anthropology and medicine and English, with some ancient Greek thrown in too, to take the proverbial bull by the horns and get me down in 2.5 languages in 4 weeks. That sounds like a challenge, sir. I accept. (cunning grin) 😛

I have my Confectioner to keep me sane. A big supply of fruit to keep me happy and, for the moment, 2 petite geniuses to keep me busy. Let’s get cracking!

O &O


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