My Retarded Opinions

I mean my title in the literal sense of the sentence, not the insulting implication of the verb/adjective that ‘retard’ has come to ally itself with.

Yesterday I expressed support for something that I don’t necessarily wish to martyr myself for, but for what I feel strongly enough that I could technically be allowed raise an opinion on the issue as its implications will, in future- if not now, involve my children.

My support was shown on a blue-themed social networking site of Ivy League origin in the form of 4 words in capitals. No swearing, nothing demeaning at all, merely an Irish punter’s chant and a name. I don’t think we were on the same page, contextually but neither is it nice to assume ignorance.

I was unceremoniously verbally flagellated for my 4 word opinion by someone I know- knew- very well, someone who has an extremely close bond with my Eldest but someone who I seem to be, sadly, drifting apart from. She is working, living the glorious professional life, having just moved to an Urban Culture Capital. I, am a mom, someone who didn’t finish her education in favour of her children, someone who busies herself (most of the time) with domestic issues and always seems to have time to shoot some breeze. I have been informed, on a previous occasion, by this someone, in the company of others, that I should stick to what I’m doing. I.e. parenting, as I can’t ‘really’ relate to the what’s going on in the professional spectrum I assume.

My comment on said site received the same sort of condescension; I know nothing of what I’m talking about, put my head back in the sand and don’t bother venturing forth on anything not related to children or domesticity in future. I will, however, not apologise for what she construed as an imprecise opinion.

Cue exceptional emotional breakdown last night in front of kids and Hub (it is re-manifesting itself as I write, actually) and an acceptance that okay, I might not be out there dealing with the fraudulent banks, the sheister property developers or the overambitious employers, but I do know what is happening outside my door. I may not watch Late Night talk shows or listen to news radio or read the physical version of reliable print news, but I am not an ignoramus. Obviously, however, my opinion is such that it should not be shared so I should and will, from now on, stick with what I know. Children, economics, psychology, mediation, anger management, domestic economics and budget management, logistics, financial control of variables as well as the evolution of world religions, cultural anthropology, classical anthropology, paleo-anthropology, the evolutionary axis of ascetics and the dying art of diplomacy.

I may not be worth a lot 😦 but I know a little something about some things.


Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err.
Mahatma Gandhi


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