Again about this but a new context this time

Kim Kardashian. Easily the most recognisable face anywhere on the Earth at any given time, except, maybe, remote Buddhist temples (MAYBE) and other random places similar.

I have a query. Pertaining to Ms. Kardashian and how in the hell she has happily avoided (seemingly up until now) any weight targets. All the Mileys, Jessicas, Michelles and Emmas (ran out of steam for a minute) are constantly subject to a torrent of criticism if they wear an unusual garment or- gods forbid- put up a pound or 2 around the ‘time of the month’. These girls CANNOT be any more than a size 2 (US) or a size 6-8 (UK).

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, would astound me if I discovered her measurements were anything smaller than a Uk size 12-14. And she does not get verbally bum smacked by every ‘fashionista’ in the media. More often than not they praise her curves. I’m detecting some serious racism here. Even Jennifer Hudson was a healthy weight until personal traumas and media interference got in the way and now she looks great but also a more fragile size 6. What the hell? Is it because the Kardashians are half Armenian (or something relative to half) that people praise her somewhat garish and unflattering taste in outfits, plastic face and ‘wonderful curves’ and yet her younger sister Khloe gets roundly abused if there is even a photo of her looking at less than best?

Even Hilary Duff and J Garner, both completely new moms were taunted with the ‘How fast can they drop that baby weight’ line. I can’t even imagine what will be said about Jessica Simpson after birth.

Why does Kim Kardashian live as the ‘curvy’ ideal and yet inherently curvaceous and voluptuous women are refused a look in? Jessica Simpson is a healthy person. I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T like their food, no matter what diet they subscribe to and yet the only what should be called ‘fat’ person in the spotlight is the same size as all of us MORTAL FATTIES.

I am not Brooklyn Decker. I am not Gisele or, gods forbid, Kate Moss. But I am a mom of 2 (soon to be three), I bake, we’re on our summer diet now so we’re all slowly dropping the winter excess and yes I’m currently between a 12 and 16 UK, but good Christ I’m not fat! Fat are the people who can barely climb up a few steps without breaking out puce, in a sweat. Fat are they who sit at home on computers blasting others for being barely fat (sometimes, on bad days, myself included) but I and Hilary Duff, Garner and all the other media hounded professionals out there, whether parents or not, are not FAT!

It must be said because if Khloe is Fat, then Kim is most certainly Fat. A healthy, happy, high earning and inspirational Fat, but nevertheless, Fat. Just like Adele, who is ‘Fat’ by industry standards but looks absolutely fucking wonderful to everyone else with a brain.

Go Healthy Fat.


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