God, It has been a while.

Inspired by Michael Gandolfi’s Vientos y Tangos, I will begin, once again, to blog.

It’s not that I have been in an absorbing fug of dour, rather, I have been fine, reading blogs, raising the whippersnappers (+1 since last time) and being generally parental and more positive than before! (personal clap)

We are away to the land of crepes and garlic quite soon, les bambinos and mise, so this is already stinking of lack of commitment but Hubby has purchased, for me, a very beautiful diary-log-journal of sorts (complete with clasp+secret opening!) and so I will log all our adventures in written format! And then, should I successfully decipher my scrawl, I can blog up about our travailles.

We have buying books out the wingwang. I, in my preferred domain of thrifty stores, adopting the unloved paper and lesser seen hardbacks out there while Hub prefers new-book-smell. Also, he’s into a weird genre wherein if you do not keep up, you get left there and devoid of appreciation from fellow genre lovers. They’re okay. More like my cup of Chamomile than my mug of Earl Grey but I like the mock history they have in the archives for it all.

Squids are quite well. We had our first of two graduations this week, it went nicely… (teeth clench) the teachers did dance around a bit looney-like to their ABBA-Now 2003 compilation but all the kids came home on Sugar Highs so cheers y’all! She got a medal, a Certificate and 2 (count ’em, TWO) goody bags along with something called a Magic Snake that can turn into a Grenade. Ahem!

Tis quite all over the place and I do apologise (mainly to myself, joyful lack of readership!) but I thought I’d hop back on and psyche myself back into the game again. Hoping to put up some short-story/ preliminary works so something may turn up before September.. I have lots of stuff to sort through as well as a few fixers and re-writes.

Happy Almost Canada Day!


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