Learning, Evolving, Maturing

I learned three really incredible things today, one in the last 5 minutes.

One, that 6 million odd years ago there was this enormous bird named an Argentavis (which is a very romantic sounding name if you regress it’s potential Latin inferences and then retranslate into English) It was pretty durn big, body-wise, as well as being capable of flight. We know the Albatross’ wingspan is spectacular but this guy was monstrous. Methinks there could be a workup into fantasy in the near future… I have a space open and a current filler I’m not happy with!

Two! That the aroma of freshly cut grass isn’t as pleasant as the trimmed lawn infers, the smell is actually a siren, warning other grasses that they are being lacerated, attacked, assaulted, hewn. That’s weird isn’t it? Obviously there is a ‘smell of fear’ but to visualise that fear and the latent concern for its fellows coming from a ‘blade’ of grass possibly as short as your little finger is an intense conception.

Three; Ireland is so unbelievably, financially crippled that I’d personally like to haul everyone in Ireland responsible for our copious financial crises in front of target board, be left with a bow, an endless stream of arrows and to have at them.


That is all for now! On a cheerful note, here is a Musketeer I drew for Hub. It keeps winking at me with it’s shiny gel-green eyes so I assume he’s craving attention. 



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