Politically Bothered

A Dictatorship; this is what Hub deems sufficient to the survival of the human race. Although apolitical, he supports austerity, police state mentality and survival of the fittest. Less like cheese, we’re more like chalk and Lemon OiL (me being the fragrant latter).

I agree this country needs to be fixed but I also can’t get over the complete lack of motivation the on the part of absolutely everyone to do something! The political party that managed to successfully beat this country into the state it is in now, languished for 2years in opinion polls but are now, inexplicably, way ahead of the competition in the polls. They must be fudging numbers in the “objective” reporting office because like poop I can explain that! 

I admire efficiency, limited liberalism and qualified politicians. Our current head of the country? He’s a Man from Mayo, from the back of beyond. Mayo people are fine, however, a lot of people I know are Mayo-nese (see what  I did there?) My problem with this particular Mayo native is that he is running the country and is a primary school teacher but is also a career politician. I don’t understand people who endeavour to do this because just what are qualified to Minister if this is the case? The current TD for Health, I get that. He is a doctor, albeit an inept minister for Health.

What I don’t understand is the purpose of a politician. I studied ancient Greek Civ and took an exceptional interest in the political end re. the foundation of democracy and while I don’t agree with returning to that slight nuttiness, I do think today’s politicians have lost their way. Most seem determined to get into the Dáil and are happy to sit there as back benchers with excellent salaries, commendable allowances and not much else to do.

If I was Chief for a spell, here’s what I would do (leading on from emailing lots of TDs in the past few days and giving out stink)

1) Sell Out the banks. (obvs on the advice of financial and economic consultants)

2) Cap all public service earnings at 75,000euro thus insuring that anyone who is in politics or the Social Welfare Service and basically there to administrate*.    

(pertaining to 2, I do not include teachers/ educators of any degree, defence or public protection or medical sectors in my changes)

3) That if you are a politician, it is your ONLY profession. You may not conduct any businesses on the side

4) The Dáil meets twice a week, the rest of the time you should be in your constituencies sorting stuff out. Open your poxy offices.

5) Expenses and allowances as well as the state subsidized bar and restaurant are gone.

6) The Seanad is reinstated as per the original purpose and you do not become a Senator by default of not being allocated a position in the Dáil.                                 

7) The Dáil days are open to the public, not for public comment but for viewing.

8) There is no ‘Private Session’, nor are there ‘exclusive interviews or access’ with media

9) International duties, excepting Taoiseach and Tanaiste, are at the full expense of the TD with a review conducted afterward and reimbursal possible then.

10) The President should take a more active role in the government of the country, not necessarily on the Obama scale, but more on the Chairperson of the Dáil scale.

Rant over. But I stick with what I said. Hopefully my next post will be less politically motivated. But don’t even get me started on the Anglo Tapes!Image


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