Unfairness of Infant Life

My oldest daughter, a classical Athenian if ever there was one, graduated from her class today. She is 5 in three weeks. We had an awards ceremony for the school today and the award givers proceeded through the class ranks, doling out laminated certificates of attendance and goody bags for all the winners.
Said award givers completely bypassed the 2 Junior classes. My Athena being in one of them. The junior’s teachers were surprised at the slight, the kids were appalled, verbally upset and rightfully so.
Why, in this pit of multiple holy hells, would you invite the parents of juniors and the juniors themselves to an awards ceremony where they don’t even feature?
That’s like “Hi Kids! Prezzie time!”(stab)
“Oh you don’t get anything because you don’t qualify as actual school!” (twist twist twist)

Cue agitated mommies galore and slightly indignant teachers too! I’m glad Athena’s teacher was a little pissed because I got her a really nice travel mug as her end of year gift (along with multiple fun size boxes of smarties from Red) and I kind of needed to feel it was worth it. It was a NICE MUG.

Schools suck. This particular school sucks. Teacher nice, bosses suck. Happily, both Red and Athena are changing into a newer, brighter, funner school! (read; convent) with no graffiti on the walls or white spots of gum carpeted throughout the yard.
Hopefully, as well, they’ll know how to run a more child friendly awards ceremony next year too!


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