What is choice? 

OED; noun

  • an act of choosing between two or more possibilities:
  • the choice between good and evil

While I find the second point an interesting one, thank you Oxford, I will focus on the first for now.

I am pro-choice. As such I can choose Coke over Pepsi; I can choose to live in an Apartment or a  house (well, sort of)

I can also choose to be a vegetarian or an omnivore..

I could choose to be Buddhist or Shinto

I could choose to be a Nazi Socialist

I could have chosen to give a child that I initially didn’t want up for adoption. (I didn’t)

I could have chosen to end my life after my second child came along and we were really really really unprepared for it. (Obviously, I didn’t)

I can also choose what and who to vote for.

According to the Human Rights Charter, which the Irish constitution adheres to, my body is my own. Ergo, should I choose, what I do to, with or for my body is my choice.

You can’t prosecute me for my tattoos or piercings.

You can’t prosecute me for attempting to end my life.

You can’t prosecute me for giving sex freely to whomever wants it. (It’s only when money or goods change hands that they feel something has been sold)

Yet I cannot choose, in this country- Ireland- to not bring something to term. I cannot choose to end the enormous process of pregnancy while the cells involved are barely even a zygote. I cannot choose to not have my body distorted, my nutrition held to ransom and my hormones sent haywire because apparently, that is not my choice.

Do you give the cow you slaughter to provide the steak you eat and the leather you wear a choice?

Did you give your spouse a choice on what they decided to wear today?

Did you choose to assault the Irish economy into providing the paychecks for the people responsible for bringing this country to its’ knees; it’s collective forehead against the floor?

Did you choose to save the Anglo-Irish bank to protect personal investments?

Did you choose who cut your hair at the salon or barber?

Do you choose to have everyone who speaks against your decision silenced?

Do you choose to withdraw the freedom given to us by our constitution and the UN charter of Human Rights?

How about you lop off a leg without consulting me, there?

How about you tell the families of the deployed that you’re going to just leave them there with no contingency and no way to come home?

How about you tell that man over there that he has a kind of cyst, all hairy and unsightly and most definitely unwanted right on the shaft of his cock. It can be treated very easily but he has to go away to do it. Because that he wants to ‘mutilate’ his body is a shameful act.

How about you tell this girl who has been raped by her boyfriend that she must carry the child of her rapist to term. The boyfriend of maybe 5 years, both professionals or both just teenagers. Suddenly, one night, boyfriend turns on her because he hasn’t ‘gotten any’ in three weeks because girlfriend has been exhausted from studying or working or just life. So he rapes her, non consensual, against her will, full on ‘Rape’. And now she has to carry the baby of the man she thought she knew, trusted implicitly and maybe even spat in her face  because it is the moral thing to do and it is not her choice? 

Or what about a conscientious student or professional. Working or studying their asses off and one Friday evening, they meet with some friends, have a few drinks and fall into bed with a mate. Wakes up in the morning, not on contraceptive because she’s not a slut nor in a relationship and condoms don’t always occur to people in the heat of the moment. Should she now compromise the next 18 years of her life while the guy gets to walk away and continue on? If anyone here thinks ‘Well she shouldn’t have had sex then’, I commend you on you martyr spirit and demand, please, a tally of your life defining everything that you haven’t had a mishap with. Men have sex too, people, they aren’t bound to the repercussion of that sex for the next nine months.

Although not all of my points above are necessarily objective, they, I think, illustrate my point. It is MY CHOICE what to do with my body.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Abortion should be closely policed. After 10 weeks, that is officially a baby in there, fully formed and growing in there. After 10 weeks, yes I do believe that it isn’t the nicest thing to do but there is always adoption. Before 10 weeks, if you look at the issue as anything other than a bunch of cells and blood collected in your womb and forming into a congealed mass than you may not be able to reconcile abortion with yourself.

I had, what could be termed as an abortion, at 15.

My body had turned against me, somewhat, and a large congealed blood mass formed in my womb with no outlet. I developed a ‘tummy’, my family asked if I was pregnant. We went to the doctor, was I pregnant? No. It’s just period pain and swelling. My stomach got bigger and I put on 2 stone in weight. Another doctor, period pain and swelling. Another stone in weight. They came back, time and time again to whether I was pregnant. No. Big Fucking No and some more No. During all this, I wasn’t offered a scan because the pregnancy test came out negative.

7 months and 5 doctors later I collapsed in my hallway at home a few weeks before State exams. In the hospital it was discovered I had a Hematocolpos;

In the operating theatre, they drained 14 litres of blood, most of it ‘stale’, from my womb. This is 9 months after all this started happening. So, in effect, I had an abortion at 9 months. I was told off for not being more vigilant of my menstrual health.

Is your body your own? Apparently not in a country where you must carry a child to term against your will, emphasising the existence of a ‘baby mill’.

Pro-choice or Shut the Fuck Up. 


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