Out and About

Town. The Schmoke. Átha Cliath mhór. Dublin. 

Cripes, how I hate you today. Most days. The city.. centre-city. The area encompassing Grand Canal/ Ballsbridge through to the Phoenix Park, the O2 to Heuston. Ich hesse du/dich. 

Most every time I venture into thee, your framing skies open up and I am so soaked that I am beyond soaking. I’m more drenched than a sea-sponge. And I only ever journey into thy winding streets and bull-dozing pedestrians when I need to.

Today, sigh, I needed to. So Hub, Bear and I decided, against the threatening rain clouds, severely delayed train service and a teething Bear, ‘Sure why not! Sure let’s go on and get the birthday prezzies!’ “SHURE!!”

After finally reaching the previously described precincts, we got out, turned right onto Pearse and started trucking along toward… *shivers*…. O’Connell Bridge. I’m being awful here. It’s not that bad.. ish. Their Ink studios are good and there’s a Shuh and Arnotts and Smyths Toys etc. And it began to POUR. I don’t mean like normal Irish summer style, I mean some w*nker was standing up there on a perpetual cloud for a good hour just pouring a whopper cauldon of wet down upon us undeserving citizens of the Capital. Not cool, man.

In true fashion, sans umbrellas, because mine ALWAYS break, (I am serious, umbrellas do themselves injuries to get away from me) we soldiered on, got to Smyths.

I will say now, I hate shopping in Dublin in the rain in 16 degree heat. You know what I hate more? Shopping for birthday gifts in muggy Dublin with the official Grump mascot of the century. Grumpy old man? Pah. Loathe might be a better word.

Today we talked! Oh yes! And argued and philosophised and articulated and gesticulated and threw dripping arms up in the air over the kind of HELMET to bestow upon our independent ladies. (Destiny’s Child, begone from my sight.)

One hour and 15 minutes later- THAT IS A FULL DISNEY MOVIE IN LENGTH-  we HAD to settle for ‘decal-covered shit-fuckery of excuses for safety’, that there would be Hub’s eloquence. Not mine.

I agree though. Kids over 6 are smart enough not to let their heads hit the ground if they can help it. And yet the neck protector helmets only come in age over 6. Go Figure.

Anyhoo! Purchases made and 2 scooters, 2 helmets, 2 Chelsea dolls (Barbie’s baby sister, for ye uninitiated), one Batman Lego Xbox game for Jasmine and one box o’ many LalaLoopsy Mini dolls (which are very cute) for Red as well as cake decorating supplies for both Later, we realise it is 5.45 and bang on rush hour. SIGH.

If there’s little worse than Grumpy Old Man syndrome, it  most definitely is crowned by Laden Down Southsider with Hunger Issues and Sore feet-itis.

Decamp to Costa, Jervis. Cue very bad coffee stop and heavier rain. I actually like Costa, normally. The one I tend to frequent, (ie. wasting money on way overpriced caramel lattes and high chemical retro cookies) is local, we know everyone in there and they recognise us.

It was so bad, I am actually going to email Costa and complain. 3 day old carrot cake (at full price, no less) and a coffee order so utterly skewed, Bear could have done better.

Whinge over.

Aahahahahahahahahaha no it’s not!!!!!!

Anyhoo, eventually got home. I am still in my Jedi-robe that I put on after de-clothing myself of sopping garment collection. I also just had a Stupid Size Dominos order that I shall see upon my hips tomorrow but I feel better!

Prezzies purchased, giggles had, hair inadvertently washed and 2-read it TWO magazines of many expensive advertisement quality, (so they contain good-articled and highly priced clothes) and a new pair of shades in time for France.

Vive la Soleil!Image


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