Not That Kind.

Filthy Reader 😛

No, I mean the kind of just being a couple. Hub and I don’t get to do it that often. We had a frenetic existence prior to Jasmine, anarchy during the 18 months thereafter wherein Red came along and even then I can still be quite highly strung!

No French-European style parenting for us! (As much as I try with all my might- my sister, Puff, Lindt and Chess, who lives in Holland with a penchant for felines, strike me as the most capable of pulling this parenting style off)

No we are 95% committed to parenting involvement. That 5% misses out because of lacklustre dinners on nights of exhaustion and possibly a little too much TV time… shh..

So this week, with absentee tear-aways, Hub and I did couply things. Well, we’d consider them couply. Not spa and golf kind of things… Yes, we had Bear, but one kid is seriously nothing compared to 3 and yes the French-Euro thing was way easier with one, but I like my little gang. So we’ve walked around 40k in the 3 or 4 days the girls have been away. Not to anywhere particular, just around. But my feet seriously hurt and they don’t normally do that, even with the amount of walking I normally do, so I know we’ve done a lot.

We went shopping. Not just food shopping (my highlight of the week) but THING shopping! This gorgeous store near me is having their end of season sale and lots of stuff I’ve been ogling since March or so is now down to my wallet limits! We are trying to prettify our (old in the not cool way)house. So for 20e, that should really have gone toward a utility or something, we got a lovely dangling candle thing, with the main arm-support thing shaped like a key (I initially thought it was just a crown). It’s sweet in a very forced shabbily chic way but Hub chose it so is not allowed complain! I wangled this kinda awesome looking wall mount branch with birds and leaves on and 3 frames hanging down (dangle season!), as well as a few sweet little candy or ice cream dishes and a porcelain pink jug with embossed heart designs that I think Lindt might ‘squeee’ over. (She likes her pale pinks), some spotty doilies and strawberry printed cupcake cases. Happy me!

Then Hub carried it all home and dropped into a thrift store and picked me up a small reproduction of a French Revolution painting whose title and painter have slipped my mind… bollox. Semi-naked, flag clad ‘Muse de Liberté leading a bunch of rebels..

We also went sea-bathing… at like 8pm… it was icicles, but I successfully dunked my head! Hub went and swam ages around but not me! Bear didn’t go in, he sat in the stroller, ‘gaaaahing’ at us and generally being quite noisy.

It was interesting. We kept being mistaken for a first time baby couple. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I do tend to turf Bear around just because I’m not as much of a hazard-phobe this time and we do get reproachful look and comment and the odd ‘Biddy’ coming up telling us, ‘He needs a swaddle, will I do it?’ or ‘Put his hat on, he’s red from the cold’ (this particular day was like 20 degrees (C) and we just say ‘No, you’re good, cheers’ and bop on our way.

We took turns having lie ins! Crazy mofos!!! Inevitably, I do wake up regardless, but Hub got up twice this week- UNPROMPTED!!!- achievement unlocked!!$$

The girls are, however, back today. I’m so thrilled. I spoke to Red on the phone this morning and she sounds like such a baby. I forget she is still 3, turning 4 tomorrow. She’s very eloquent and it’s like having Aristotle or Kate Winslet or something speaking from a toddler’s body. Jasmine is the same. It’s only when they’re not beside me 24-7 that I realise I might just be a bit of a grammatical taskmaster.

And all today I’m a-baking and a-caking for tomorrow’s mini-Red birthday. Pink Pink Pink Pink Pink and a little bit of Pirate thrown in too- Be proud Puff! They both love their skulls!!!

We didn’t get any coupling done though. Through all the long, relatively empty days and nights, we genuinely just didn’t find the time!

HandHolding is the new thing, y’know.



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