Re Entering Groove; phase 2

And I’m surprised. Try as I might, when a new plot/ theory/ idea/ landscape/ rationale forms in the grey cells upstairs, I can chug away for a cúpla days/ weeks working on it and then I burn out.
I have not this time and I am enthused. I’m not killing myself to put down what is in my head, yet neither have I over-planned or left a stupid amount of holes and questions.
It’s going well. Initial hiccups that I, being biased, did not see but now all is trucking at pace. I have 4 sections in my head and as such my head is quite full and I am grouchy for it but I am, again, in no hurry to put pen to paper (computers are for refining in my book).
Hub reviewed first and second stages, which is rare for me and, rarer still, the Flashy, Awesome one, whose blog name on this I cannot recall also read it and liked it. I never NEVER have outside readers. Not since I was much less busty and far more frowsy and that little bit more stupid and gullible. I left myself open and was thrown from my own Kentigern. I’m more ascerbic and laughable now.
So, as such, I am encouraged. Heck- I even told my mom and she was upset-happy because I haven’t spoken to her about a serious concept in a seriously long time.
and now 3 people (and my own gut) have my back and the only way up a hill is to start moving so I am and will.
And thank you to Hub, Coggs, mum and Gut.
Much Appreciated, much adored.


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