Impending Holly and Ivy and jingly things

Dread. Sadly, a feeling I am beginning to associate more and more with this ‘most wonderful time of the year’. Tight wallets, unfriendly prices and intimidatingly expensive ‘popular’ toys are driving an ever-increasing wedge in the already existent thorn in my side that emerges November 1st- sometimes earlier.

I like the spirit and the theoretical snow and ‘Christmas Clothes’ and… that’s actually about it.

Father Christmas/ Sinter Klaas/ Santa Claus or ‘Santy’ as he is known by the majority of Dublin has become a burden and I hate that.

I resent the contest between kids and parents over who got what and why and how bad is that…

I literally despise the subjugation of my younger generation; the 3-10 year olds; to the whip of technology. Hub expects to buy 2 handheld brain numbing devices + games in coming weeks. As well as surplus and superfluous thingies and whatnots. My kids need clothes and, curiously, that is seen as way down the list of Christmas Import. My darlings are weeds. Yes, they come from extremely tall stock- not me, but others. As such, even with MonsterBear, they’re wearing clothes 2 sizes ahead, to allow for the height difference.

My kids have toys. Loads of toys, in no small part due to a certain branch of the family which shall remain nameless. But they don’t PLAY with them! Unless forced! Because TV is so unequivocally awesome. I get that.

Elder has a few Xbox games. She has all but forgot their existence.

Right now, they’re into Sophia on DisneyJunior. the games online too. Which is cool but, as such, I don’t see what’s so wrong with basic PC games.

Frankly, I’m a hardass about toys. I’m only recently retracting a harsh ban on sluttified articulated dolls.

Combing the IKEA toys section and I am blown away. This is what I want to see. Funded Imaginative Play. Brilliant little things like puppet theatres and softplay food for a sturdy kitchen and EVEN little adult ceramic tea sets and pot sets! Art easels and supplies. I have found my Lapland..

Now.. to reclaim the season and not just the Things. 


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