Premature Jingling is almost done!

Yes, I am a member of the Facebook Anti-Jingler League, ie; we’d rather not hear or see Christmas related merchandise. Then I caved. I caved because the epic-osity that is Christmas FM has now started on radio frequency 94.45 (on my radio which is like 30 years old) This year they’re supporting AWARE, the charity which supports depression and you know what? I may actually donate this year!

Feliz Navidad has already been lightig up the ground floor of my house this lovely, shivery morning and, although it was competing with Jungle Junction and Mike the Knight, it fared well and we could still hear it from the TV room!

I am not, however, a premature Jangler. My decorations don’t come downstairs until the 5th, whereupon they’re put up on the 6th, kind of- because we don’t get our tree until the 20th (ritual; don’t ask). That said, we have a waddler to contend with this year….


The last time I had waddlers, my girls were 2 and 1 and we were in a tiny ground floor apartment and left it so late to get a tree that the only ones left were 2 ft tall so I put it up on an IKEA table and the whole effect was rather cute and thoroughly unintentionally shabby chic (albeit the only time I’ve ever gotten it right, too)

And that experience was horrendous. All our good (ceramic) decorations were put up on a shelf between the kitchenette and the living room and the all the unbreakable baubles were left on Mr. Fir for the kids to look at; and a lot went on the floor. I couldn’t even fit lights on the dang thing so they went up around the room.

And this guy is WAY more persistent then the two combined so in a way I am dreading the Tree aspect.

Santa letters haven’t been finalised, haven’t been posted. We’re heading to Santa at the Botanical Gardens because it’s free and their is pie and Mr. Claus, most importantly and also I don’t think I’ve ever been there before.

I’m a little excited… you may have seen…

Any suggestions on the Tree Dilemma would be appreciated. The table thing isn’t really an option this year as the room is big but full of furniture that is too big to move.


Teehee, Christmas FM is on and I have 2 days before I can legitimately wear a Santa hat.


My girls, just after Christmas 3 years ago.

Now this is ancient but Eldest's face kind of sums up how I'm feeling right now!

Now this is ancient but Eldest’s face kind of sums up how I’m feeling right now!



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